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To create a community that is free from preventable blindness

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The R.E.T.I.N.A is an acronym for Restoration of Eyecare Through Innovation and Awareness. It is a youth-led non-profit organization committed to promoting primary eye care services through research, advocacy campaigns, outreach programmes, trainings and sustainable eye care innovations that challenges systemic barriers to preventable blindness in underserved African communities.

To promote eye healthcare through awareness, advocacy, community-based interventions and innovative solutions to under-served communities in order to enhance human performance and quality of life.
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The broad objectives of The Retina Initiative could be summarized as follows


Our aim is to create a community that is free from preventable blindness


Better Vision. Better Lives.

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Address: University of Benin Ugbowo, 300213, Benin City

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A Campaign On Road Traffic Accidents And Eye Injuries

This is a public health education for taxi drivers regarding the practice of safety precautionary measures to reduce eye injuries caused by Road Traffic Accidents (RTA). It also empowers taxi drivers with relevant information on how visual impairments can increase the risk of RTA.


Community Development Project: We partnered with YALI Edo State to carry out a community development project at Aighobahi community in Edo State. A community that lacks access to primary health care services.

Through this partnership we were able to provide comprehensive visual screening to the community members.


We launched the First Aid Treatment for Eye Injuries project across different high schools in Nigeria. Through the support of Peace First, we designed and donated the first-ever First Aid Eye Kit in Nigeria. The First Aid Eye Kit is an ultra-modern safety health pack that contains specific resources that are designed to quickly manage emergency eye injuries and facilitate prompt referral to seek professional medical treatment


Every November is the celebration of the Diabetic Eye Disease Month which aims to create awareness about diabetes and how it affects the eyesight of many people.

To commemorate this global awareness, we partnered with Chronmate on a school tour in Edo and Lagos State. This is to empower young people with information about diabetes and also enlighten them about how it affects the eyes.

The goal is to help promote healthy lifestyle, increase health awareness about diabetes and also encourage them to make prompt informed decisions in seeking medical help.


To celebrate World Glaucoma Week, we partnered with Eyeland of Vision Foundation to organize a community outreach in Benin City, Edo State. Over 150 people benefitted from the free visual screening services which includes free reading glasses, glaucoma screening and cataract surgery.


In a bid to support the effort of frontline health workers in reducing the spread of COVID-19, we supported Global Youth Outreach to donate PPE supplies to public hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria


To commemorate the World Sight Day in year 2020, we launched an essay writing competition on the topic, “the challenges and opportunities of eye healthcare digitalization in African communities towards the actualization of universal health coverage.”

The purpose of the competition was to stimulate intellectual ideas on how eye care can be digitalized to serve under-served African communities. The need for this innovation is exacerbated in the advent of the COIVD-19 pandemic which limited access to physical healthcare


Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) affects every part of the body and complications can occur suddenly. An often-overlooked part of sickle cell care are the eyes. Sickle cells can block the small blood vessels in the eye depriving the eye of oxygen causing damage. This is called sickle cell retinopathy and if left untreated can lead to vision loss. Early detection is key to preventing retinopathy.

The objective of this program is to give vital information on what people living with SCD need to know about eyesight including prevention, diagnosis and treatment


The Healthy Eyes Awareness Literacy (HEAL) the World project is an awareness campaign around eye health for young people especially students within the ages of 11 to 25 years. It is aimed at educating them on preventable blindness, maintenance of good eye health and first aid treatment for eye injuries.

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